2017 Nissan Leaf Taking Down Volt With A Plug?

We all know that the Nissan Leaf have been struggling to keep up with the Chevrolet Volt especially since the Volt was given the latest update. The Nissan Leaf have been slipping further and further behind and Nissan only has themselves to blame.

Customers have been waiting for Nissan to offer them a Leaf with a much longer range and also a new exterior design but those updates never really did arrive. Well, new rumors are now suggesting that Nissan was holding back because they are working to get the Nissan Leaf to run on a PHEV engine.

This rumor started after Nissan unveil their new e-Power a PHEV powertrain. Nissan did not specifically say that the engine will be used to power up the Nissan Leaf but people seems to believe that it would.

With how well receive the Chevrolet Volt is right now, even the e-Power engine might not be enough at the end of the day.

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