2017 MazdaSpeed 3: Do We Need It?

There have been a lot of talks about Mazda possibly bringing in their MazdaSpeed 3 model but looking at what the market has to offer right now, do we really need a MazdaSpeed 3.

There is more than enough hot hatch in the market right now and the MazdaSpeed 3 will most likely not be getting the attention it needs. We know that the Mazda 3 sales have been dropping and we do not think that the MazdaSpeed 3 is going to help.

Some people believe that the MazdaSpeed 3 will come running on the 2.5-liter turbo four engine that Mazda is currently using to power up the Mazda CX-9. We know that the engine was designed to be compact enough so that it can fit inside the other Mazda models.

It was previously rumored that Mazda plans to put the MazdaSpeed aside to focus on upgrading their models as they are looking to move some of their models into the premium segment. DO you think Mazda should release a new MazdaSpeed 3?

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