2017 Mazda 6: Android Auto Ready, Don’t Thank Mazda

Android users will be able to use the Android Auto infotainment system in their Mazda models right now although Mazda had no role to play in it. Mazda made it clear that their new models will not be coming with the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support but luckily for the Android users, Google is there to help them out.

Google release the Android Auto on their PlayStore awhile ago but when the app was first released, it did not come with the OK Google support which means users will have to tap on the microphone if they wanted to use the voice command features.

Now that choose has updated the app, users can use the voice command features without having to tap on the microphone manually anymore. The app will allow those who owns a car without the Android Auto to experience the infotainment system.

iOS users will still have to wait for Mazda to change their mind.

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