2017 Lincoln Continental Can’t Match Audi Yet

On paper, it does feel like the Lincoln Continental has what it takes to take on the Audi A6. It even has a head-turning design that can rival the A6 but when you really look into it, the Audi A6 is still the better option at the end of the day.

Lincoln got the design of the continental right. It looks sleek and premium, everything that a consumer need on a luxury model. Under the hood is a 3.7-liter V6 engine that will be offering about 305hp. Those looking for more will be offered the 400hp engine.

The Lincoln Continental will also come with the rear seating package which will include features like heated and cooled seats, infotainment system access in the back, massage seats and more. The base model will retail for $44,560.

As good as that sounds, those that tried out the Continental reported that the interior of the Continental is not as refine as the Audi A6 and it does not feel like a luxury vehicle at all. Maybe if they did something with the interior, they might stand a chance next time.

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