2017 Hyundai Ioniq Soars While i20 Sinks

The Hyundai Ioniq and the Hyundai i20 were both access by EuroNCAP and now ANCAP has revealed the results of that assessment.

As expected, the Hyundai Ioniq was given a 5-Star rating by ANCAP thanks to the long list of safety features that comes as standard on the Ioniq like the autonomous emergency braking, lane support system and adaptive cruise control.

While everything is looking bring and shiny on the side of the Hyundai Ioniq, the same cannot be said about the Hyundai i20. The i20 was also brought in for testing and the vehicle was only give a 4-star rating this time. It is said that the lack of driver assist equipment was one of the main reason why the vehicle got a lower rating.

Some of the other models that were also announced include the Volvo S90 and the Audi A5. Both of them scored a 5-star rating from ANCAP.

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