2017 Honda Pilot Not Done Yet

Seeing how successful the Honda Pilot is, you would think that Honda will be leaving the Honda Pilot alone for now and focus on the other models but that is not what Honda plans to do. After hearing what their customers had to say about the current model, Honda decided to give the 2017 model a few upgrades.

One of the main upgrades that we will be seeing is an interior makeover. One of the issues that people seems to be having with the Honda Pilot is the cramped interior. To fix that, Honda will be redesigning the interior of the Honda Pilot so that their customers will have more wiggle room.

Not only will the interior be getting more space but Honda will also be working to shed a few extra pounds off the Honda Pilot. Some fans were hoping that Honda would offer the six-speed transmission on the Elite model but it looks like that might not be happening this time around.

Steven Estevez

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