2017 Volvo S90 Looks Can Only Take Them So Far

We all know that Volvo did not make the best decision when it comes to car design a few years ago but it seems like they are finally starting to understand what their customers really want.

Their new Volvo XC90 was impressive and so is the new Volvo S90 model but looks can only bring them so far. While a lot of people seems to be impressed with the new Volvo S90, they are not rushing out to get one as some of them think that it is a little overprice especially when you consider how unreliable a Volvo model is.

Not only do they start out with a huge price tag but owners will have to pay way more for to get their car serviced. Many owners have complained about how expensive it is to get their Volvo repaired.

As amazing as it looks, we don’t think people will be rushing out to get one until Volvo proves that they are much more reliable now.

Steven Estevez

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