2017 Honda Pilot: Getting It Right The Second Time

The Honda Pilot came close to being the perfect vehicle but customers have been complaining about how cramp the interior feels. After listening to some of the feedbacks here is what Honda will be doing to the 2017 model.

One of the main changes that the Honda Pilot will be getting is an interior upgrade. Honda will be working to redesign the interior so that their customers will have more wiggle room this time around. Although the Honda Pilot will be a lot more spacious on the inside, the exterior measurements will remain the same.

Since the exterior design is also pretty new, the 2017 Honda Pilot exterior will remain the same as well.

Besides getting an upgraded interior, the Honda Pilot will also be shedding some extra pounds thanks to the use of lighter materials. This should also help improve the fuel economy of the Honda Pilot as well.

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