2017 Honda CR-V: Honda Picked Their Favourite

The Honda CR-V did pretty well last year but it was not the only model that did well for Honda. The Honda Civic and Accord managed to pull their own weight as well but it is clear that Honda only has eyes for the Honda CR-V right now.

The most obvious clue was when Honda only choose to showcase the Honda CR-V at the Super Bowl which is a big deal. Since the Honda CR-V was not the best selling model or a flagship, it is a little odd that Honda chooses to favor it over the others.
Of course, this is also an important year for the Honda CR-V as this year marks the 20th anniversary of the SUV. The arrival of the newly design Honda CR-V should also help increase the sales of the SUV this year.

Seeing as SUVs are in such high demand right now, it does make sense that Honda would ignore their sedans for now and focus on the SUV.

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