2017 Honda Civic SI Causing Chaos Before Unveiling

The fact is that Honda has not even unveiled the upcoming Honda Civic Si model. All they did was show off the Honda Civic SI concept at the Los Angeles Motor Show and that was enough to effect the Honda Civic Sport model.

Even though the concept seen at the LA Motor Show was just a prototype, most people believe that the production model will not look too far off from the concept we see here. After looking at the concept, a lot of people are saying that they would rather wait for the SI then get one of the Sport models that Honda has to offer now.

Some people were not too happy with the Sports model as they think that Honda was holding back the vehicle when it comes to its aggression. They feel like the SI now has the right kind of aggression. It also helps that the Honda Civic Si will be coming in with a new more ponies under the hood.

Is the Honda Civic Si all you see now or do you think the Sports model are still worth getting?

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