2017 Honda Civic: More Tech Ain’t The Answer

As automaker comes out with more and more tech, cars are not coming in with more new tech and features. While some of them do help makes things easier and safer, some people would rather live without some of them.

Although Honda models are generally known for being reliable, it looks like a lot of their customers are not too happy with the electronic parking brakes that the Honda models come with.

Those concerns seem to be validated as Honda is now recalling their new Honda Civic to fix the faulty parking brakes. While it might be a huge problem for the auto drivers, it can get pretty scary for manual drivers. According to Honda, the electronic parking brakes might be disabled. Honda will be fixing the issue with a software update next month. About 350,000 units of the Honda Civic will be affected by the new recall.

As nice as it is for automakers to come out with new ways to reduce the clutter on the inside, a lot of people are saying that they are still not comfortable with the idea of having electronic steering and brakes. Most of them feel that they should be having more control over such things and not having that control is making a lot of them feel uncomfortable.

Steven Estevez

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