2017 Ford F-150 Won’t Survive The Test Of Time

We understand why Ford decided to use aluminium to build their new Ford F-150. Not only is it lighter but it is although rust proof and as Ford had demonstrated, extremely durable.

However, just because the aluminium is working great now does not mean that going aluminium is actually the right move for the Ford F-150. In fact, some buyers are calling the move a mistake.

Ford decided to switch to aluminium mainly because it is a lighter material and using it should help reduce the weight of the Ford F-150 but that was not enough. Ford still had to fit on a smaller engine to boost the fuel economy of the vehicle.

Although aluminium does not rust, it does change colour over time. Some people also pointed out that aluminium dents are harder to fix compared to the standard steel. In a long run, maintaining the Ford F-150 could actually cost more than what the users are saving on fuel economy right now.

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