2017 Ford Bronco Might Happen Thanks To Ranger

Ford Bronco fans have been hoping that Ford would one day bring the Ford Bronco back into the market and thanks to the Ford Ranger, we might see it happening before 2020.

With truck bring so popular right now, Ford will not want to miss out on all their action. To compete with models like the Toyota Tacoma, and Chevrolet Colorado, Ford decided to bring back the Ford Ranger. Spies have already spotted the Ranger getting tested in the US.

It is believed that Ford will start building the Ford Ranger here in the US next year at their Michigan plant after Ford C-Max and Ford Focus contract with the plant ends. There are now reports suggesting that Ford will be building and SUV alongside the truck.

The model was never announced but fans have been speculating that it could be the Bronco. It was also added that the production for the SUV will start one year after the truck production start which means we might be able to see it before 2020 arrives.

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