Toyota Supra Successor To Offer 400hp

Although most people seems to believe that Toyota is working on a successor for the Toyota Supra, Toyota never really did announce or confirm any rumors about them working on one.

However, if they are indeed working on one, some people seems to think that the Toyota Supra Successor would be coming with a 400hp and 300lb ft of torque engine. This started after rumors about the Lexus GS and LS running on a twin-turbocharged V6 started circulating. It is believed that the engine will be pushing out about 400hp and that it might be fitted under the hood of the Toyota Supra successor.

Most people believe that the partnership between Toyota and BMW will lead to the production of the Toyota Supra successor and if Toyota doesn’t plan to use the BMW engine, they will have to offer something of their own and this V6 might just be the one.

That is if there will be a Toyota Supra successor.

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