2017 Chevrolet Bolt: Volt Too Much For Bolt To Handle?

With the Volt being around for a few years now, it is normal for sales to be dropping and that is when the Chevrolet Bolt was supposed to step in and hold the weight for the Chevrolet Bolt but it won’t be easy for Bolt especially with the Volt breaking their sales record and all.

The highest Chevrolet Volt sales record was recorded back in 2012 when Chevrolet managed to sell a total of 3351unit of the Chevrolet Volt. Last year, before 2016 ended, Chevrolet managed to break that record when they sold 3691 units of the Chipotle Volt in December.

We understand that the Chevrolet Bolt is just getting started and Chevrolet is still working to get the vehicles in all the states in the US but do you think the new Chevrolet Bolt will have what it to hit the numbers that the Chevrolet Volt is hitting right now?

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