2017 Acura NSX: 8 Years Of Waiting & Now This?!

My views on the Acura NXS will be well known to listeners of the Autoblog podcast. Although I am very keen on the concept of Acura producing another halo car, I have often made jokes on-air that the vehicle will just continuously be previewed and mentioned and won’t actually ever be produced. Hearing that the NSX has now been delayed once more is therefore making me giggle.

To be honest, delaying the NSX from model year 2016 back to 2017 may sound like a big things, however looking at the big picture of things it is quite a minor delay. Rather than production beginning this fall as it had been said previously, the new supercar will now start coming out this spring, beginning with the line at Honda’s Marysville OH factory.

No real reason for the delay in volume production has been given by Honda, however Automobile suggest that the idea to fit two turbochargers to the V6, a change which was made halfway through the development, is to blame for for the delay. The change included fitting two iron lungs which meant reconstructing the six-poy into the longitudinal layout.

Fingers crossed there won’t be any more delays now. To have a look at Honda’s press realease, which makes its best attempt to look at the NXA delay and also discuss the company’s new Performance Manufacturing Center in Marysville, then scroll on.

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