When Is The Sony Xperia Z4 Going To Arrive?

We heard it said that we could expect to see the Sony Xperia Z4 make its way out at the CES but then Sony didn’t confirm it and they have been slow giving confirmation about a release date for the handset.

This meant that there was a lot of mystery surrounding the Sony Xperia Z4 but we do know that this is going to be a flagship device and it is going to come packed with lots of technology.

We saw the Sony Xperia Z3 make its way out at the MWC 2014 and it was then said that the Sony Xperia Z4 would arrive at the IFA. The Z4 will also arrive with the Z4 Compact and maybe the Xperia Z4 tablet.

We have also heard talk about the Sony Xperia Z4 coming out with a quad HD display and possibly a 2.8GHz 64 bit processor along with 4GB of RAM and the camera may receive an update.

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