2016 Ford Mustang Winning The Hearts Of Muscle Car Fans, Camaro On The Other Hand

There is no doubt that the new Ford Mustang was a success. There are so many on the road now that it feel like everybody owns one and all of that was thanks to the new upgrade that Ford gave the Mustang.

A lot of drivers have commented that they have gotten a lot of attention when they drive their Mustang out. They added that people will take a picture and ask them about the car. While some of them seem to hate the fact that their Mustang is not that special anymore since there is a lot on the road now, others think that it is nice to see so many people enjoying the car that they love.

While most Mustang driver seems to be happy with the attention some of them are not too pleased that some people can’t spot the difference between their GT350 model and the standard model. It feels like the Ford Mustang is on the right track now but the same cannot be said about their rival, the Chevrolet Camaro.

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