2016 Ford Focus ST Can’t Keep Thieves Out!

The fact that some random person can just walk up to your car, get in and steal everything inside is just scary and that was exactly what happen to this 2016 Ford Focus ST owner.

The owner told his side of the story and Reddit and even posted the video showing the thieves getting into his vehicle. Based on the video, it was clear that the thieves had some sort of universal key that they used to access the Ford Focus ST.

According to the user, they stole the Dashcam, chargers, action cam as well as his owner manual. Some commenters believe that the thieves took the manual so that they can get a new key from the dealer. He added that Ford was informed but that Ford did not see it as an issue.

If this is real, it could be a real issue for many of the Ford Focus ST users out there. You can check out the post and the video here.

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