2015 Apple MacBook Pro In Contention Of Getting Insane Specs!

Later this year, Apple will be looking to release a new generation of MacBook Pro and the laptop has a chance to come out with revolutionary hardwares on board. This is highlighted after Intel shared that they are producing their first ever 14nm nanochips, which is expected to be ready by July.

The 14nm nanochips will be known as Skylake and it will offer the fastest processing speed in tech history while also improving energy efficiency on devices. If Skylake is made ready by the end of June, then there is sufficient time for Apple to apply the component on the next-gen MacBook Pro.

Of course, the decision power will still be with Apple and after seeing how the tech firm likes to perform only subtle upgrades on its devices, the chances for the next-gen MacBook Pro to come with Skylake on board are slim to none. Then again, Apple could surprise us all.

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