Android Ice Cream Sandwich Calendar Widget Shows Secret Google Plans

If you happen to have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus in your pocket then it is time to whip it out and launch the calendar widget as Google may have left a little taste of things to come in the future for you to see.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich calendar widget packs a little surprise

Reddit user Convict3 stumbled upon the discovery late yesterday and posted a screenshot of his findings on the social bookmarking website (screenshot below). Now the date in question is Tuesday September 27. With no mention of what year, a little bit of investigating shows us that there are only a handful of years where Sept 27th falls on a Tuesday. And given the nature of Google’s secret plans according to the calender widget, we will need to also take into account the years that have passed us: 2016, 2011, 2005, 1994.

Jokes aside though, the September 27 date could have possibly been chosen because it also happens to be Google’s birthday. So we doubt Google’s Sergey is really trying to tell us anything (although we love the machine uprising connection to the Android platform).

On a side note, this isn’t the first time Android developers have hidden little funnies in screenshots. Just yesterday we reported on the recently updated Google Voice app in the Android Market that had this little surprise.

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