iPad 3 May Not Be Only Apple Surprise In March, Mark The 9th In Your Calendar Too

Come March, it may not only be the iPad that comes rolling out of Apple. According to 11 new recently published profiles for various iPhone operators, the upcoming iOS 5.1 build may have picked March 9th as a potential release date.

iPad 3 & iOS 5.1 tipped for March release date

The details come via YourDailyMac which referenced the 11 files indicating an iOS update could be released around the same time for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The profiles are used by operators in Japan, France, Greece, Finland and Sweden, and will ensure network connectivity after an update is downloaded.

Given that the iPad 3 is also rumored to roll out sometime in March, we could see Apple announce iOS 5.1 and the iPad 3 simultaneously and sync their rollouts as well just like in the case of iOS 5.0 and the iPhone 4S.

Check out the screengrab below of the iOS 5.1 mention with the code of one of the operator profiles.

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