THQ Cancels All Games Planned For 2014, Looking To Sell Out?

Rumor have begun to spread like wildfire over Twitter over the past weekend that games publisher THQ has gone ahead and canceled its entire lineup of games scheduled to be released in 2014 in order to position the company for sale.

THQ preps to sell company, cancels all games slated for 2014 releases (rumor)

Kevin Dent, a games industry veteran, had tweeted that THQ had canceled an MMO it was developing under license from The Games Workshop, meaning Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millenium Online. Dent added that THQ had canceled other projects also with a 2014 release date and was in the neccessary steps to return the IP to their licensors.

Kotaku reports that Dent alleged the reason was that THQ was ready to sell itself off:

“I am hearing everything (in 2014 is canceled), they need to preserve cash.” Dent also pointed out how the current THQ stock price was $0.66, a far cry from the $6 it had in Q1 2011. Kotaku has even gone as far as contacting THQ regarding these rumors and are now awaiting a response.

We’ll keep you posted as more develops.

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