Galaxy S3 US Release Date Set For June End After All, Says Samsung Rep

After all the anticipation and reports of delays, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has finally been released in 28 countries around the world. However this isn’t so exciting for those living in the US, who are still awaiting the launch.

Samsung rep: Samsung Galaxy S3 US release date a month away from European release

We had been hoping that Samsung had learned that this wouldn’t go down well from their past experience, though they do claim that they have come a long way, as the SVP Media Services for Samsung, TJ Kang states, “unlike previous product launches, the time lag will be much more compressed for the Galaxy S III”. ”So I think it will be available more or less globally within a month of the European release.”

This is promising as it means that hopefully the US will see the Samsung Galaxy S3 by end June – early July. Not only does the Samsung rep imply a late June/early July release in the US, there are other rumors flying around stating the US release date for the Galaxy S3 will be in June – precisely saying 20th June.

However we do wonder how different the phone will be to the Galaxy S3 we are seeing in the rest of the world, after the US carriers have tampered with the device to customize it.


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