Samsung Galaxy S3 Review Roundup (iPhone 4S Gets Owned)

Reviews of the Samsung Galaxy S3 have finally hit the blogosphere and we are not surprised to see that they are amazing, classing the Galaxy S3 as the best device currently in stores, better even than the iPhone 4S.

Samsung Galaxy S3 review roundup: throws iPhone 4S out of the ring

It has even been called “light years ahead of Apple’s profitable darling” by Trusted Reviews, and TechRadar echoes these sentiments by stating “if you’re picking up an iPhone 4S: forget it.” TechRadar also calls the device the best on the market. The iPhone was even referred to as an “ageing starlet” by Stuff Magazine.

This all seems a little harsh considering the iPhone 4S has been out for 9 months now, which is a long time in the world of technology. Looking at Apple’s history, there is likely to be a new and improved iPhone on the market late this year (iPhone 5), meaning that you have two reasons not to plunk down your cash on a 4S.

Even the previously popular HTC One X, also Android, faded in comparison to the Galaxy S3 in these recent reviews. After being asked about this by The Mail Online, Stuff Magazine had the following to say:

“The Galaxy S3 offers the slickest Android Ice Cream Sandwich experience we’ve seen thanks to a 1.4Ghz quad-core Exynos processor, which eats 1080p movies for breakfast and can even play them in a pop-up window while you browse the web. Extras like the microSD slot and larger battery give it the edge over HTC’s One X, and the 4.8-inch Super AMOLED screen is sharp and vibrant. We can’t wait to see how the iPhone responds.”

The aesthetics of the phone have also been mentioned by reviewers and doesn’t seem to have gone down quite so well as the actual device itself. Trusted Reviews commented, “We like the look of the Galaxy S3 from the front, with its simple design, curved corners and metal trim. However, the glossy plastic back really puts a damper on things – it just doesn’t exude class or luxury.”

This is not enough to dampen spirits regarding the Galaxy S3 however, with the incredibly fast processor, clear screen and practicality of the microSD slot. Looks may not blow us away, with Trusted Reviews concluding, “the Samsung Galaxy S3 stands above the iPhone 4S and laughs at it.”

The removable battery and memory card on the Samsung Galaxy S3 were commended by PocketLint, as something which has been a missing feature on a number of other devices such as iPhones and WP7, and increasingly some Android phones.

Despite all these compliments, TechRadar have expressed preference for the HTC One X purely because of the metallic case as opposed to the plastic finish on the Galaxy S3. As for Apple, it may be out for the count until the iPhone 5 is announced (might happen as early as next month at WWDC 2012).

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