Buy Samsung Galaxy S3 Or Wait For The Note 2?

Samsung has skyrocketed to success in the smartphone industry thanks to its ever popular Galaxy range of devices. They have also been profitable thanks to the diversity among the smartphones they offer as seen in the entry range with the Mini-series and the mid-level Ace series and finally the pinnacle with the high end Nexus … Read more

[DEAL ALERT] Samsung Galaxy S3 Price Dropped Again

After a successful launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3, it is now set to see some more brilliant discounts by way of third party retailers. While we already saw the price tag slashed from $199 to $179 by some carriers at launch, it was only a week after that we saw certain retailers take things … Read more

Apple Wins Silly Patent, Unleash Hell On Android Now

Earlier this week Apple won what is being hailed by Phandroid’s Kevin Krause as the “mother of all smartphone software patents.” Given the company’s recent track record in the courtroom, Apple may be preparing to unleash legal hell upon Google’s Android and Krause reckons “….the effects could be swift and lethal.” Apple gets patent that … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Revealed At Unpacked 2012! [PR]

While there is no official release date for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Product-Reviews (PR) reports that  they do have a potential date for when Samsung may reveal it to the world. They also gave some feedback to the question of whether a 5.5 inch screen was too big, in comparison to the 5.3 inches … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs S2: Why S2 Still Rocks

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the step up from the S2 but if you already own the S2 is it worth upgrading to the latest model? The S2 was a leader when it was released and so is the S3, but have Samsung made enough changes to warrant the upgrade? Let’s compare both models to … Read more Protection Status