Blue T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 Hits US June 20, White On July 11?

Samsung Mobile USA officially stated that the Samsung Galaxy S3 would hit the US sometime this summer. Now summer just so happens to kick off on June 20 so we were expecting a US release date that would fall sometime after that. Well what if it was exactly on the start of summer?

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 US release date tipped for June 20

According to TMoNews, there is a rumor that T-Mobile will be releasing the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the US on June 20th. The rumour was sparked following the leak of a Best Buy flyer which stated the handset would be launched on June 20. The question is, is it true and will other US carriers get it on the same day?

Recently TmoNews got the chance to take a peak of the roadmap of T-Mobile for the upcoming months and it seems that they are to launch a number of new handsets throughout June and July and one of them will be the Samsung Galaxy S3. On the list it shows both the 16GB and 32GB models of metallic blue colour. Those wanting the Samsung Galaxy S3 in white will have to wait for July 11. Along with the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the MyTouch said to be released on July 11th and the Samsung Galaxy Note. Yup, the massive phablet is coming to T-Mobile as well!

However at the moment there is no official release date for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 or any other of these mentioned smartphones. However if the dates are correct and are not just rumors this may mean that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be released on all of the major carriers in the US around the same time.

Meanwhile fans waiting for the phone in the UK do not have too long to wait as they know for sure they are getting their phones in just days, providing there are no delays of course.


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