Samsung Galaxy S3 vs S2: Why Upgrade?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is due out in just over a week, and so many S2 owners will be thinking about upgrading. It would help people to decide whether to upgrade by looking over the major benefits that will come with this newer Samsung Galaxy S3 model. So let’s get started.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs S2

Improvements in Hardware: The biggest reason a user would upgrade is the new and improved hardware that the smartphone brings to the tablet. This includes a quad-core processor and a larger display with higher resolution. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a 4.8-inch touchscreen that makes it 0.5” bigger than the S2’s screen. Size is great, but the new HD resolution (1280×720 pixels) of the S3’s display makes it much clearer and sharper then the S2 and its 800×480 pixel display.

This high resolution makes a world of difference to games and movies, so if someone uses a lot of multimedia, this on its own makes an upgrade worthwhile.

The S3 has a quad-core 1.4GHz processor that gives you a lot more welly than the S2’s dual core chip. This means the S3 is future-proof and also better off when playing games or multi-tasking.
At present you can’t see much difference in practical terms between quad and dual core, but this is mainly because apps and operating systems haven’t been designed with quad-core processors in mind just yet – but they will be.

New Software Features: The new software features of the S3 are a reason to upgrade as the hardware improvements. The striking software improvements include S-Voice, Smart Alert, Smart Stay and S-Beam.

Samsung S-Voice: Android users have been envious of iPhone 4S users and their Siri voice control assistant for long enough, so the S3 comes with “S-Voice”, Samsung’s very own voice-assistant. S-Voice means you can use voice commands to wake your S3 up, search the web and find information like weather forecasts. Samsung believe that S-Voice has better integration than Siri. Whether it’s better than Siri or not, S-Voice is a real draw towards an upgrade to the S3.

New Smart Features: Just to compete with Apple, Samsung have added several new features including “Smart Stay”. Smart Stay uses the phone’s front camera to sense when you’re looking at the screen and to brighten it when you are as well preventing it from locking. When you look away, it saves battery by dimming the screen.
“Smart Alert” is another handy feature that tells you about any missed calls or texts when you pick up the phone, so you never miss an important call or message. It also realizes when you receive a text message and then hold the phone up to your face that you wish to call that person.

Share files instantly with S-Beam: Samsung’s Galaxy S3 also features “S-Beam” which is Samsung’s optimised version of the Android Beam. It lets you instantly send files using NFC to another smartphone just by tapping them together. This doesn’t need any fiddly set-up like Bluetooth does.

Should You Upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S3?

On paper, upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a no brainer, especially when considering some of the great deals around (carrier plans in Europe). In theory, I would say you should jump at the chance of an upgrade as well. The hardware is without a doubt the basis for all future Galaxy phones set for a 2012 debut, and will also be what other flagship smartphones from other manufacturers are aiming to match.

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