Samsung Galaxy S3 is Over, I Want Galaxy Note 2

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 was most certainly the most hyped up and hotly anticipated smartphone of 2012, and yet when it was finally released, it had mixed reviews.

Samsung Galaxy S3 a solid stepping stone to a Samsung Galaxy Note 2

While there was the 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display and quad-core processor, there was also the distinct lack of the expected 12-megapixel camera, ceramic case and 2GB of RAM, all of which took the shine right off the Galaxy S3 for many.

The S3 is still a powerful smartphone to be reckoned with, and it certainly is an improvement on the S2, and it will give the HTC One X, Motorola’s upcoming DROID RAZR HD and Apple’s iPhone 5 a run for their money. Smartphone wars aside, the ‘phablet’ market is what my sights are set on now. And that’s where the Samsung Galaxy Note rules despite its vintage.

The Note is the only “phablet” on the market right now, and it surprised analysts and critics by selling more than five million units in just five months. There’s recently been a leak from T-Mobile about a Galaxy Note, as well as rumors of a Verizon Galaxy Note / Journal that are gathering pace. This makes it seem as if the Note will stay as a popular choice for Android buyers who want something a bit different. This is why we’re pretty confident about an upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

All Samsung Galaxy-branded products share pretty much the same architecture, so it’s likely that the Galaxy Note will borrow the big upgrades of the Galaxy S3, like the TouchWiz Ice Cream Sandwich tweaks, the quad-core processor and the wireless charging and combines these tweaks with a massive 720-pixel display and better stylus support. You also have to remember that the Galaxy Note was a first-gen phablet, so with a second generation model most of the bugs and kinks should have been addressed. Samsung should also have incorporated new intuitive ways of using a smartphone with such an amazing large display.

The phablet market is still quite virginal, so the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be the model to watch out for later this year. If the Samsung Galaxy S3 is out and about in the US this summer, then it’s likely that the Galaxy Note 2 will be strutting its stuff before the end of the year.

Are you just as excited as I am about the idea of the next-gen Samsung Galaxy Note? If you are, let us know all about it in the comments below.

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