Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Launcher Now Available For S2, Get The Look!

In case you didn’t know, the Samsung Galaxy S3 had its firmware leaked earlier this week, with the expectations that it would be ported to different devices, beginning with porting S-Voice (only for it to immediately become non-functional thanks to Samsung).

Samsung Galaxy S3 home launched ported to Galaxy S2

This has raised an eyebrow, and maybe it is time to use this leaked ROM for the Galaxy S3’s closest sibling – the Samsung Galaxy S2. And just like that it has happened… Through it, users can now access the Galaxy S3 TouchWiz Launcher!

The Samsung Galaxy S3 TouchWiz launcher has been ported to the Galaxy S3 by XDA Forum member Smando. The clean look of the launcher and smooth operation are aesthetically pleasing with underpinnings of its practical use. Now it is important to note that this is the official Galaxy S3 launcher ported to the S2 and not a knock-off design only. Unfortunately, Samsung based ROMs are the only users currently able to run this, but those with AOSP shouldn’t have to wait much longer until something is figured out.

You can download the launcher in a recovery-flashable zip file, which allows for a very simple installation. Users can then choose the original 4×5 stock layout launcher or a modified 5×5 one, with five columns across and five rows tall which looks awesome in my opinion.

So far a couple of bugs have been reported but the XDA user has already started fixing them, with Launcher bugs like the layout of the widgets fixed.  Unfortunately, users have frequently reported freezing, force closing, and other bugs which means it isn’t quite pristine yet but it is still a great way to preview the Galaxy S3 new launcher touches. Hit the source link if you wish to give it a try.


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