MiB 3 Game For Android Released, Awesome & Free

It’s summertime and the living is easy, the lyrics of Sublime could not be any truer as of now. I plan on kicking my feet up in the yard and whipping out my tablet for a little reading and a lot of gaming. You have probably seen a trailer for the third installment of the Men in Black series and know that it is in theaters this week.

MiB 3 game for Android: the last game suit you’ll ever wear

Gameloft has graciously produced for us a game for us to play, putting you in the role of an agent of the MiB to protect and serve the world against rogue aliens. In the game players take on enemies in hand-to-hand combat. You can also train other agents to become arduous warriors, use and upgrade complex weapons, build, and even travel through space and time.  The latter point is a feature I wish all games had, imagine being able to traverse time in angry birds.

Moreover, the game is free and without those pesky in-app purchases.  We assume the game makes money by attracting people to view the movie on its release this Friday, May 25th.  Wait, what were we talking about? Did anybody else see the trailer for the movie and still is unconvinced about going for it?

On a side note, Pitbull’s ‘Back In Time’ song used in the MiB trailer is available in the Amazon MP3 store, you know just in case you want it blasting in the back when you’re playing the official Android game.

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