Samsung Galaxy Note Gets Redesigned, Galaxy Note 2 Name Likely Saved For Bigger Upgrade

The design of the Samsung Galaxy Note had produced many issues for users, more issues in fact than of those related to the actual software running inside.

Information has now surfaced that Samsung has responded and that the production of new models will fix the problem. As we get further into summer, the tablet game will continue to get more competitive. Samsung should be worried about marketing their goods as the best product out there, and because of this they must now be careful not to step on the toes of their consumers and listen to what they want.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 gets major hardware upgrade, keeps same name?

The thing everyone seemed to be bothered by was that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 includes a stylus dubbed the S-Pen just like the original however unlike the former it didn’t have access to a opening in which to drop the stylus when it was not in use. The 10.1 for some reason was made without this stylus holder. Of course there is a reason, money, as Samsung urged the users to buy a separate case to function as a stylus holder.

Obviously people resented the fact that they should be asked to buy a separate accessory to provide a function that came standard with the original. This former oversight to the Samsung Galaxy Note appears to have now been corrected through a modification to the chassis of the tablet. The modification now lets the users store their stylus within the device, without using a secondary case.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 name saved for bigger upgrade

Samsung is now able to delve pass the surface and fix their biggest concern of updating to keep up with competitors. Specs of the newest iPad have exceeded the Samsung Galaxy Note and likely the reason why Samsung isn’t calling attention to this update. It will still keep the same Galaxy Note 10.1 name and possibly save a big namechange like the rumored “Galaxy Note 2: when it is due for a full-on redesign.

The summer shopping season makes for lots of disposable income for young adults, so Samsung may need to do something drastic to make their product a hot commodity this summer season.


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