AT&T HTC One X Release Date Postponed, Now Pegged For May 6th (Best Buy Leak)

The HTC One X is without a doubt the most powerful ‘announced’ Android smartphone to date. So if you’re waiting to get your hands on one then we completely understand why.

AT&T HTC One X release date pushed to May 6th?

Unfortunately, all doesn’t look too well for its US release. According to the folks over at AndroidCentral, Best Buy has apparently informed one pre-order customer by email that the AT&T HTC One X release date has been postponed to May 6th, pushing it more than a month away from today.

Of course, we have to take into account the fact that if this email is legitimate, that it could be a Best Buy issue. Given the popularity of the HTC One X and no rivals in sight yet (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S3, Motorola Blade, iPhone 5), AT&T could just be holding on to as much inventory as it needs for its own stores, leaving Best Buy with just some scraps in the start.

We’ll keep you posted as more develops. In the meantime, sound off in the comments below as to whether you plan on getting the HTC One X or waiting back for its rival’s specs to be announced first.

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