Samsung Galaxy S3 Pre-Orders Already Double That of Galaxy Note Sales?!

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was without a doubt set to beat the sales records achieved by its predecessor, the Galaxy S2. However a recent tweet from the Editor in Chief of Mobile-Review, Eldar Murtazin, suggests that the figure may be a whopping 10 million.

Samsung Galaxy S3 pre-orders hit 10 million already (rumor)

Now it took the Samsung Galaxy S2 almost 5 months to reach 10 million, while the Samsung Galaxy Note only reached halfway in that same amount of time. Given that operators and third-party retailers purportedly ordered a whopping 10 million units to stock their shelves for the launch of the Galaxy S3 (expected to be sometime this month or May), it shows that retailers think rivalry from the likes of the HTC One X or even an upcoming iPhone 5 will have little effect on the buzz behind the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Personally, while I do see the hype behind the Samsung Galaxy S3 is well deserved, knowing Samsung and their tradition of rolling out multiple Galaxy branded devices based on the same architecture I would hold off jumping on the the Samsung Galaxy S3 and see what a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or possibly Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 (Google Nexus 4) would have to offer.

As with all rumors, we suggest taking Murtazin’s tweet with a grain of salt. We’ll keep you posted as more develops.


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