Samsung Galaxy Note Soon To Be Joined By Samsung Galaxy Grand?

The Samsung Galaxy Note was a surprising sales success with over 5 million units of the giant phone/tablet hybrid being sold despite heavy criticism from tech pundits ahead of its launch.

Samsung Galaxy Note may soon be joined by Galaxy Grand & Premier

With Samsung showing that there is in fact a market for 5.3-inch smartphones, it would only make sense that the Korean manufacturer has plans to release more big-screen devices in the future. Now we’re not talking about a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 but instead the recent registration of the name ‘Galaxy Grand’ by Samsung with the trademark offices.

Nothing is known about the Samsung Galaxy Grand but judging by its name, it will likely be a high-end model with a large presence. The discovery was made by the folks over at PocketNow who also found the names Galaxy Premier and Galaxy Next. The latter is of course another name the Samsung Galaxy Mini goes by in some markets, while the Premier sounds like another high-end model.

Would you be interested in more 5-inch+ Android smartphone options from Samsung in 2012? Or do you think the massive screen and capacitive pen was a novelty and the effect will wear off the moment something fresh comes along? Sound off in the comments below.