Hasbro Can’t Go ‘Decepticon’ On ASUS For Using Transformer Prime Name

The ASUS Transformer Prime, the first quad-core Android tablet available in the US market was launched back in December 2011. During its release, toy maker Hasbro who owns the trademarks to the Transformer brand filed a lawsuit for the usage of the ‘Transformer Prime’ name which closely resembles the leader of the good Transformers, Optimus Prime.

Hasbro can’t stop ASUS Transformer Prime sales

Unfortunately for Hasbro, the courts ruled in favor of ASUS today and have allowed the Transformer Prime sales to continue. Jeff Roberts at P.C. explained the judges ruling:

“There is nothing gimmicky about the Eee Pad Transformer or the Eee Pad Transformer Prime, nor can it be said that there is any similarity in the use or function between Hasbro and Asus’s

“The court also found that Asus’ case was strengthened because it was using the word ‘transformer’ as an accurate description because it can” “‘transform’ into a laptop computer when attached to its accompanying QWERTY keyboard dock.”

In the end, the judge also found that Hasbro took too long to act on the infringement and as such were not allowed a preliminary injunction.

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