Sprint iPhone 5 Has Advantage Over Verizon & AT&T Even Without LTE

Sprint has come under a lot of fire lately after details of its huge commitment with Apple to buy iPhones in massive quantities over the next few years, came to light.

Sprint iPhone 5 may be behind in LTE race but still has its strong points

The issue was amplified when it was practically ‘confirmed’ that the iPhone 5 would be LTE capable given that the New iPad 3 featured it. With Sprint’s LTE network still in its infancy (the first Sprint LTE smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, is yet to even release), Sprint would have the shortest straw as it was the last to LTE after Verizon and AT&T.

There is of course one thing to consider with all this happening, the iPhone 5 may in fact not launch this summer at WWDC 2012. Given the late release of the iPhone 4S back in October, we could see the iPhone 5 also follow the fall schedule.

This could give Sprint extra time to get its LTE network up to par if rumors of a summer launch for LTE devices hold true. Furthermore, with Sprint being the only one offering unlimited data plans at this time, it may still have a shot against the AT&T and Verizon iPhone 5 even if its LTE network isn’t as wide in the fall.

Is LTE a priority for you when it comes to the iPhone 5? Or are you more interested in an unlimited 3G data plan given the recent reports that users on LTE data plans find themselves hitting their data caps way too quickly to enjoy it.

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