Samsung Galaxy Note Perfect Size For An Elephant [VIDEO]

The Samsung Galaxy Note is currently the biggest screen you can find on an smartphone in the market. While it was originally criticized when it launched last year due to its unpocketable dimensions and awkward one-handed operation, the Samsung Galaxy Note quickly became a hit and proved critics (as well as the late Steve Jobs) wrong.

Elephant works a Samsung Galaxy Note

While the Samsung Galaxy Note has been in the US market for a couple of months now already, hype behind it continues to grow as there are no similar smartphones on the market at the moment and there are also the buzzing rumors that it will make its way over to Verizon as the Samsung Galaxy Journal.

Samsung for one isn’t shy about boasting how big the Samsung Galaxy Note is and prides itself on this feature as much as the stylus support. Now both these features are showcased by an elephant. That’s right, a real life elephant.

Check out the video below of an elephant using the Samsung Galaxy Note and get ready to be impressed. I challenge anyone to watch the video below and not smile.

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