[ALERT] Popular Apps Causing iPhone & Macs To Crash Today, Buggy App Store Update Blamed

One of the biggest selling points of the Mac and iOS App Stores is that it is a safe environment along with being a trusted location for purchasing apps that have the approval of Apple. However is seems that over the last few days there has been some issues which have disrupted the systems reports TheVerge.

Alert: App Store causing iPhone and Macs to crash

The developer of Instapaper has said that the 4.2.3 update which was made to the reading app which was rolled out to users yesterday has left some users horrified when it crashed upon launch. However the submission of the archive to Apple had worked fine without any problems. Just hours later the problem was resolved and there was no explanation as to the cause of it from Apple. Arment said that there was only one way to resolve any issue with an app which is corrupted and that is to uninstall and reinstall it.

It seems that the Instapaper app was not the only app to have problems. Other included PDX Bus and Angry Birds Space HD Free. Other apps including SmartReporter for the Mac have started updating correctly.

Another app to suffer was GoodReader for the iPad. This became a victim to the bug and developers also noticed that there was a problem with two consecutive updates, including a version 3.16.0 which has only just been released today. It seems that the problem is with encryption issues with the App Store. This means that customers are receiving binaries which iOS is refusing to launch.

The developers of GoodReader have now provided a rather lengthy tutorial on how users can roll back to a version that was previously working and without losing any data. We asked Apple to make a comment on the situation and are waiting for their response. Until we find out what is what you might wish to stop updating any mission critical apps.

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