5 Must-Have Android Apps For The Google Nexus 7

There are numerous Android apps in the Google Play Store with many optimized specifically for tablets. If you’re now only jumping into the Android tablet space thanks to the recently launched Google Nexus 7, here are 5 must have Android tablet apps that launched in the past month or so which you will want to check out on your shiny new tablet. As part of our new segment, we will be rounding up the latest greatest tablet apps on a monthly basis. So what better time to kick it off then the week a gamechanging Android tablet launched. Read on.

5 must-have Android tablet apps for every Google Nexus 7 user (June)

If you want to enjoy the TiVo experience on your tablet head over to the Google Play store and get the free TiVo app. With this app you are able to control your TiVo DVR and search, discover, browse and share without having to miss what you are watching. The app allows users to manage and schedule recordings, view guides and get recommendations.

SocialFrame HD helps you to turn your tablet into a superb digital photo frame. It comes with a widget for the weather and the app is very well made. It helps users to get the most out of their tablet when they are not actually using it. Social Frame also has the ability to be able to sync your photos from Facebook and Twitter with tags. It will also provide you with weather in the morning when you wake up and tells you the time, along with what’s happening in the world via newsfeeds.

BeNote is a superb app for taking notes and allows you to capture information and recall it. This software for your tablet is great for meetings, home projects, brainstorming and lectures and means your notes are always accessible.

TBS for tablets provides users of tablets with some of the best comedy and it is free. With this app users are able to get their hands on their favourite comedy shows and watch full episodes along with clips. There are also episode guides and behind the scenes videos and you can set reminders of programs and more.

Anyone who loves to play games will love the Game Informer app. this app gives you access to one of the largest video and computer games magazines and provides an insight into all the latest games on the market. It provides reviews, previews and delivers news on all games including those for all the popular consoles.

Check back next month as we round up another 5 new tablet apps that aren’t just great for Nexus 7 users but Android tablet owners in general.

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