Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery Life Test: Beats iPhone 4S & One X

One of the best smartphones for battery life is shockingly the very powerful Samsung Galaxy S3, reports In a recent test by Which, the Galaxy S3, which Samsung brought out as a rival to the iPhone, gave 726 minutes of call time with medium 3G reception. This was a staggering 91 minutes longer than the next best phone, which was the HTC One X and more than 168 minutes more than what the iPhone 4S gives.

Samsung Galaxy S3 beats iPhone 4S & HTC One X with battery life test

Whether Apple will be able to claim back victory over the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S3 with their upcoming iPhone 5 remains to be seen. For now though if you want a smartphone that keeps on going for an impressive 726 minutes, Samsung has it.

Other handsets in the test included the Sony Xperia which gave 520 minutes and the HTC Sensation XL which was a poor 272 minutes of talk time. On average over 101 mobile phones tested the amount of minutes from a single battery charge came in at 315.

Now if you’re wondering why there is no mention of the Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX, an obvious champ when it comes to battery life, that will likely be because the test was conducted by a UK comparison site and the MAXX isn’t available outside of the US.

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