iPhone 5 Gets More RAM Under The Hood, New GUI & More (Rumor)

There have been more leaks over the upcoming iPhone 5 that as yet has no date for release. According to CNET, details have been leaked of what the iPhone is expected to look like, and now information about its specs thanks to iOS 6 beta.

9to5Mac adds more to iPhone 5 rumor mill

9to5Mac revealed this week photos of what was said to be the front and back of the new iPhone 5 and today they have followed these up with leaks of details regarding the operating system iOS 6. It is thought that the operating system will be announced at the conference which is in just a few weeks’ time (WWDC 2012). 9to5Mac said an unknown source had told them that there is a prototype which runs the ARM S5L8950X processor with a model number that is claimed to be higher than the one on Apple`s iPhone 4S.

It is also thought that the handset will have 1GB RAM which is more than the current iPhone 4S with 512MB. They have also suggested that Apple has come a long way with their new operating system and that it comes with their own version of maps which replaces the one by Google. It is thought the iPhone 5 will be revealed towards the end of summer or fall.

We’ll be at WWDC next month so stay tuned for more updates!


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