US Samsung Galaxy S3 Pre-Orders Get Messed Up, Whose To Blame?

Internet shopping giant Amazon is not at all happy about the delay of the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S3. According to CNET, its executive editor Molly Wood is also not happy as she steered clear of the blue version due to rumors of a delay when ordering it from BluTekUSA through Amazon and went for the white instead.

Samsung Galaxy S3 US orders (and pre-orders) messed up by Amazon and possibly other retailers

Everything was going well and Molly was looking forward to receiving her phone between 6th and 8th June and then, she was warned that there might be a delay.

Molly was even more upset by the fact that Amazon sent her an email stating that the order had been shipped from BluTekUSA and that it was sent out already to her stated address and that the order could no longer be changed. She had actually only pre-ordered the phone. When she received the email the Galaxy S3 had obviously not been shipped when it clearly stated it had.

The second email warning of the delay said that the company was sorry and the device should have been ready for delivery June 1st and clearly showed that it was a pre-order. The original confirmation of the order of course was misleading as Amazon didn’t even have the product to send out. It also seems that other people have experienced similar situations from Expansys. Currently CNET is waiting for comments from Samsung and BluTekUSA as to what is exactly going on with US orders of the international Samsung Galaxy S3.

We’ll keep you posted as more develops. In the meantime, if you reside in the US and ordered the Samsung Galaxy S3, what is your situation. Sound off in the comments below.


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