Pokebank US Release Date Tipped For 31st January, Europe Still Unknown (Rumor)

Japanese gamers don’t have to worry about when the PokeBank will arrive for them but gamers over in the US and Europe along with some other countries are still waiting to hear when it will arrive.

In Japan and Asia Pokemon Bank has now been re-released and Nintendo said that they are monitoring the re-release and then it will be revealed worldwide. However not knowing is causing gamers anguish and has been the subject of outrage on social media websites.

Now we have heard that PokeBank could come to the US on January 31 along with Europe.

While there hasn’t been anything official said by Nintendo, Nintendo have extended their free trial period to February 27, gamers over in the US have been taking the 30 day trial period as an indicator of the release date.

January 27 has also been rumoured to be the date for release as Nintendo said that there will be a maintenance update on that date and this is going to have an effect on Pokemon X & Y.

At the moment this is pure speculation on the part of gamers waiting for news about PokeBank. We are waiting to hear reports from the re-release in Japan and Asia to find out if the server is able to cope this time around.

via Kpopstarz

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