Minecraft Xbox 360 TU14 Update: The Changes That Matter

Minecraft was once a game that stood out from others as there wasn’t anything else like it offered to gamers. Now many have followed it, from Project Spark down to the mission creator in GTA Online.

Minecraft is still the number one game and this could be thanks to the depth of functionality, this is something that other developers have not been able to match. We heard about one fan of the game who has so much dedication to it that they set about reconstructing Studio Ghibli flick Spirited Away.

4 J Studios are releasing updates along with working on different versions of the game and they recently talked about an upcoming update for Minecraft on the Xbox 360. This is said to be based on the java 1.3.1 version along with some material from subsequent PC updates.

One of the core factors of the next update is the Adventure mode, this should transform Minecraft into an open world survival and exploration game. Gamers will have the option of going around and smashing blocks. Those who try to smash their way through trees using just their hands will get hungrier. Gamers will not be able to build anything but they can fight and talk with villagers.

There is going to be a trading system, which will allow gamers to repair gaps in their arsenal. Emeralds are introduced into the game and villagers will show purple sparks if they have any items they will sell you.

Gamers will also be able to write in books with the java update 1.3.1, but as to how this would work on consoles is anyone’s guess. Gamers could maybe leave diaries lying around for others to find.

The Ender chests will make their way into the game with the update and are tough varieties which gamers will be able to access in different dimensions. Cauldrons will fill with rain water, there are dispensers that will spit boats out along with minecarts if gamers put them near rails or water. Tripwire hooks may be used to send currents through a circuit of redstone if gamers break the string that connects them.

Right now gamers are waiting for the official changelog to arrive from 4J, so there hasn’t been any confirmation about any of the above. 4 J also said that gamers wouldn’t have to wait too long and they would then be talking non-stop about the Xbox One version of the game.

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