Mass Effect 4 May Not Be Able To Leave The Past Behind Completely

Bioware has promised the massive Mass Effect population that the upcoming fourth sequel to the franchise will be spectacular. The game developer confirms that almost everything in Mass Effect 4 will be new.

This includes the protagonist, storyline, races, combat abilities and even galaxies. Of course, Bioware assured fans that it will still preserve the Mass Effect universe along with its traditional gameplay.

The fans are pumped up and can’t wait to get their hands on the game. As a result, the Mass Effect community took unleashed their hype on a discussion thread at Reddit. While the ideas for a totally new Mass Effect game looks optimistic, there are some things from the first trilogy that deserves to return in Mass Effect 4.

As for the plot, fans are hoping Bioware to give it a dosage of mystery just like how it was in the first Mass Effect. The thrill in discovering the plot gave fans that cinematic experience.
In Mass Effect 2, players saw more missions added which focuses on Shepard’s crew. Such a feature should be in Mass Effect 4 as it personalizes the game.

Finally is interactivity. Mass Effect 3 was given the thumbs up thanks to being interactive with the players. Since Mass Effect 4 will run on the latest Frostbite engine, Bioware should make it as interactive and engaging as possible. Having the universe to react on the player’s actions, speeches and decisions will definitely lift the game up.

The fans have spoken and it is now up to Bioware on whether they want to consider adding them. A great game developer like Bioware should have seen the importance of these features and might have already added it to the game.

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