Top 5 SUVs: A Tale From Yesteryear

SUVs have never fallen out of favour due to their reliability and durability which appeals to the drivers worldwide. 2014 has already come to a close and today, we are going to look back at the 5 best SUVs from last year. Each SUV listed here will be from different segments and they are as follow:

1. Honda CR-V
There is no list of great SUVs that are completed without having the Honda HR-V on it. The compact crossover is affordable, reliable and also fuel economical that it makes it appealing in every way.

2. Chevrolet Colorado
While the Colorado might be a pickup truck, adding a covered bed does turn it into an SUV. There is no doubt that the Colorado is the best looking vehicle of last year and the fact that it is fully customizable through an online generator makes it one of the best SUVs around.

3. BMW i3
The i3 is the best SUV in the hybrid/EV segment. It offers a total driving range of 151 miles and is while only requiring 3.5hours to fully charge

4. Dodge Durango
The Dodge Durango is in many ways similar to the Honda HR-V. This is except for the fact that it is a large SUV and more stylish than its compact counterpart.

5. Kia Sedona
While it may not be purely an SUV, the Sedona makes a perfect family car. The 3.3L V6 engine which develops 276hp ensures that the Sedona is able to run smoothly at every road conditions.

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