Top 5 Cars At CES 2015

CES has finally come to a wrap and what an event it has been for tech lovers and also car enthusiasts. The annual event played host to many new vehicles and concepts getting unveiled but today, we are going to highlight only 5 of the most exciting cars at CES. They are as follow:

1. Audi Bobby
2. Ello Motors Concept Car
3. Corvette 360 Fly
4. MTX Audio Three-Wheeler
5. BMW i3

The vehicles listed above single-handedly stole the show as many patrons were paying their attention on them. Of course, there are plenty of other vehicles that are sexy too. The list includes the Soundstream’s Polaris, NVIDIA Renovo Supercar, Audi TTS, Mitsubishi Car of the Future, Kicker’s Three-Wheeler, TRW See-Through Car, Diamond’s Ferrari and JVC Kenwood’s McLaren.


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