Half Life 3: Final Hope For Production Unveiled

A rallying call has been made by a die-hard Half Life fan, calling out all Half Life lovers to not stop creating conspiracy theories for the highly anticipated sequel, Half Life 3. This is because conspiracy theories are alleged to be the fans last hope in getting Valve to produce the game.

Apparently, there is a chance for the die-hard Half Life fan to be right. This is evident if other fans are to notice Valve pattern of announcing games. The video game company had just made confirmation on Portal 2’s development through an Easter egg in an ARG title.

There are two things Half Life fans can learn from this. The first is that Valve likes to announce an upcoming title in a fun way and the second is that Valve is probably waiting for fans to come out with the right theory before confirming Half Life 3 to be in production.

With that being said, fans of the Half Life franchise shouldn’t stop coming up with conspiracy theories for Half Life 3. It seems to be the only hope left if fans wish to see Half Life 3 getting produce. While the idea might sound ridiculous, Half Life fans have got nothing to lose as they’ve already waited more than a decade for Half Life 3.


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