Apple Watch Could Be a Galaxy Gear Inside

Back when the iPhones were first introduced, the device was running on chips that are developed by Samsung. Soon later, Apple pulled away from the Korean tech developer and relied on TSMC as the latter produced smaller nano chips that are also energy efficient.

Now, it looks like Apple could be relying on Samsung for chips yet again. Rumours are claiming that the Cupertino-based company is looking to keep the cost down for its upcoming Apple Watch and to do so, they have decided to pick up Samsung’s nano chips.

Unlike TSMC which produces 20-nanometer chips, Samsung produces 28-nanometer chips. It might be slightly larger but it is cheaper to purchase.

If the rumours are right, then it is safe to say that the Apple Watch is basically a Galaxy Gear but with a different design and badge. Of course, this is based on rumours and is best taken with a pinch of salt.

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